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From time to time, I receive emails from students who would like my input on a school project. Sometimes they are students of service-industry-related programs, sometimes they are in marketing or PR programs, and sometimes it’s not clear at all what classes they are taking.

Sometimes these inquiries come in the form of well thought-out questions that show that the student has clearly done their homework and has actually read a lot of my writing. Sometimes it’s obvious the student has simply pasted questions directly from his or her homework and would like me to do the work for them.

Most of the time, regardless of the form they take, I politely deny the inquiry or I don’t respond at all.

But sometimes, I like to take an opportunity to help shape a young mind. Continue reading

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Contest: Christmas Vacation Screening and Wine Tasting!

clark and eddie

Christmas is a time for family, friends, holiday cheer, and, naturally, watching movies while drinking.  It’s a tradition as old as the VCR. The youngsters are in bed, it’s cold outside, the fire’s lit, and you’re exhausted–why not pour a big glass of something potent and pop in a holiday classic?

It’s a tradition that the folks at iYellow Wine Club clearly understand.

That’s why earlier this week they announced another of their “Lifestyle Event Series,” which opts to pair wine with film, art, and design around Toronto over the next 12 months. Continue reading


Craft Beer in Italy

I recently had the extreme good fortune of being able to take a trip to the region of Italy known as Tuscany, and, as is often the case when I find myself awake in a foreign country, I took the opportunity to seek out some local booze.

As you may imagine, travelling in Italy there is a natural tendency toward the region’s world-class wines—and, indeed, few noon-hours passed during my vacation wherein I hadn’t already indulged in a glass of Vino Nobile from nearby Montepulciano, or a Brunello from nearby Montelcino, or a Chianti from nearby—anyway, you get the point: It would have been impossible for me not to get into some local wines and I did so freely and to excess and it was fucking great (and more on that at a later date).

However, as the name of this blog might make plain, I’m something of a fan of beer so, despite finding myself in the town of Pienza—population 2000—I made it my mission to seek out some local beer. Continue reading


Drinking in Prince Edward County

*sure, the title of this post should probably be “Drinking in and around Prince Edward County”, but that doesn’t sound as catchy.

Last week, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, my wife and I took a trip to Prince Edward County. While we’re both somewhat amateur oenophiles, and the wine was a draw, I was anxious to see if I might be able to track down some decent local beer–perhaps owing to the fact that I was very much aware I was missing Session 99, the closing ceremonies of Ontario Craft Beer Week.

And while we were able to find some beer (more on that later), we actually unintentionally stumbled on something of a craft spirits hidden gem when we ended up at 66 Gilead Distillery.

Recommended to us by an employee of Huff Estates winery who overheard that we were embarking on an alcohol-related tour of the county, 66 Gilead is, amazingly, a former hops farm that now houses a craft distillery on an 80-acre piece of land that features a beautiful house built in 1874.

While we didn’t go into the barn (and I’m now kicking myself for not requesting a tour) their website notes that the hops barn next to the house remains intact with it’s drying floors and brick ovens. Continue reading