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From time to time I am called upon to speak as something of an authority on Ontario’s beer scene. Here are a few times I’ve gladly accepted offers for shameless self-promotion and gotten to pontificate places other than my blog or perched on a bar stool. For media inquiries, please contact me at or use the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

TMC From time to time I get to call in to chat with Tom McConnell who hosts the appropriately named Tom McConnell show on 610 CJBK. Here’s me chatting about the arrival of beer in grocery storesHere’s a clip of me from September 21, 2015 talking about the proposed changes to beer (including sales in grocery stores). I also chatted with the TMC Show about all things “growler” in August. And In June of 2015, I chatted with Tom about good beers for summer. You can hear that clip here.

ward and al On February 7, 2014, I was on the Ward and Al show, which broadcasts on Sirius XM channel 167, Canada Talks. Their show is is broadcast in the US as well as Canada so there was some effort to keep the conversation a little more general than the usual “what the heck is wrong with Ontario” talking points. You can hear my segment here. (Warning: It weighs in at a rather lengthy 34:50).

cbc radio During the first couple weeks of April, 2014, I did a number of spots on CBC Radio related to the Beer Store’s new ad campaign (the “safety is important” ones with Glen Howard, not the newer, fear-mongering convenience store ones). The first interview was on April 9, 2014 when I was interviewed by Matt Galloway for Metro Morning. You can hear that clip here. Because the pre-interview I did with the producer of that show seemingly made the rounds within the CBC, I was subsequently asked to do a few other morning shows who basically asked me the exact same questions. I did Ontario Morning, as well as a show in Sudbury I can’t recall the name of, and finally, Thunder Bay’s Superior Morning. Frankly, the last clip is by far the best since by that time I had already done four of these so I wasn’t nervous and knew what they were going to ask. Listen to that clip here.

Emerge Logo Also in early April, 2014 fourth year media studies student, Stephanie Villella, interviewed my via Skype for Emerge Magazine, an online and print publication produced by graduating Media Studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber. We talked about The Beer Store’s monopoly in Ontario while off camera my wife implored me to speak more quietly so she could put our son to bed. The edited results of that conversation, which make it seem like I simply talked the entire time, are available to view here.