Free Toronto taxi service until January 9th


It’s not often that I find myself touting the marketing efforts of a big brewer, but I can recognize a good thing when I see it–so I’d thought I’d share it.

It’s called “Get Home Safe with Hailo and Molson.”

I know this is typically a haven for craft beer and you might be recoiling at the dropping of the “M” word, but relax would you? We’re talking about free cab rides here! And anything helping people getting home safely (and for free) around the holidays is a good thing.

As of November 28th, Hailo, the world’s largest app-based taxi service, which recently launched in Toronto, has been giving away $10 credits for taxi rides in Toronto. They’ll continue to do so until January 9th and all you have to do to get one  is visit one of the participating bars (handily listed here).

And since it’s the result of a partnership with Molson, I can justify writing about it on a beer blog! Get your free taxi on–leave the car at home and avoid puking on the TTC.


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