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My name is Ben Johnson.

I live, write, parent, and drink beer in London, Ontario, Canada.

I was voted the “The Best Beer Writer in Ontario” at the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Golden Tap Awards and my writing about beer, politics, and the places where the two intertwine has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, Post City, blogTO, and Torontoist.

I am currently a regular contributor to the quarterly Ontario beer guide, The Growler.

For more information, questions, concerns, or invitations to go drinking, feel free to contact me at

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats on the Golden Tap Award! Looking forward to reading more on your blog. Cheers!

  2. Hi Ben – I’m trying to get a wider audience for my short doc about BC craft beer called Brew Love. It was funded locally for Telus TV, but it’s starting to get festival play – already at 2 fest in Ontario and 1 in NS. Would you consider viewing it to see if it inspires a review?

  3. Ben: I have a small waterfront pub on Salt Spring Island with space next door that would be perfect for a micro brew operation. Fronts onto the Salt Spring Market and would be perfect for an onsite beer store and growler refilling station. I’m looking to retire and would like to see this opportunity go to some young guys that are passionate about good beer.
    Anyone interested in discussing the possibilities can reach me at Thx.

    • Steve on Saltspring. Get in touch with Mark Raibmon. Zev Raibmon on Facebook. He lives across the narrows from you in Cowichan Bay and he was wanting to start a brewery. He had different businesses on the coast. Sounds like a potential fit

  4. Wondered if you’ve seen the Canadian Constitution Foundation’s Free Beer indiegogo campaign. We’re crowdfunding a legal challenge to Canada’s protectionist alcohol laws. And defending a retiree who was charged for buying beer in Quebec and taking it home to New Brunswick.

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