Board Games and Black Oak Beer

“When the guys asked me what my perfect night would be? I told them the truth, beer and board games.” ~Ben Wyatt (may or may not be at Black Oak Brewery tomorrow)

Hey you. Yeah, the one with the dice.

Do you ever spend evenings in bars, drinking craft beer, and hanging out with friends, all the while secretly wishing there was a Settlers of Catan board in front of you?

Conversely, do you ever sit around with your best friends playing Risk into the wee hours, hoping someone will offer you a delicious, fresh, local beer?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, you’re not alone.

In fact, there’s a whole group of people just like you, they’re called massive nerds and they’ve been meeting on a semi-regular basis to bring together the two things they love just as much as you do: Board Games and Beer.

The aptly-titled Board Games Night was conceived of by the staff at Black Oak Brewery in Etobicoke who one day discovered that, in addition to their shared love of craft beer, they also shared a proclivity for playing board games.

And so, commandeering the event space at Black Oak, they’ve created a night that’s quickly become a favourite of their staff and a handful of loyal attendees, “because of the vibe,” says Black Oak’s Sonja North. “Sometimes it’s 20 people, but it’s never been more than 60 people and that means that it kind of feels like a house party,” she says. “That is, if all the people who came to your house party really wanted to play Settlers of Cattan.”

To sweeten the pot and get people out, Black Oak has been offering a fairly amazing deal along with the game-playing: A ridiculous four beers and some pizza for just $10. Yes, you read that right.

What that means is that Black Oak isn’t making any money on these nights, they’re basically just looking to have a good time. “Board Games Night is about embracing your inner nerd, drinking craft beer and meeting some cool new people,” says North; and it seems to be working. Some people who met each other for the first time at Black Oak’s inaugural games night have been coming back ever since just to play Risk Legacy with each other.

The next Board Games Night at Black Oak is tomorrow, Thursday January 31st, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the brewery in Etobicoke, but they’re also planning to take the show on the road. Following a successful outing taking board games and some cask ale to C’est What back in September, they’ve opted to continue the “BGN Roadshow,” and will soon be bringing development cards, infantry tokens, and I assume, the little metal car from Monopoly, to Snakes & Lattes on March 9th. They’ll also be upping the craft beer nerd quotient of the evening by  brewing a collaboration beer just for the event: a coffee porter using Snakes & Lattes own cold-pressed coffee in the recipe.

Sounds like a perfect pairing for some heated discussion over wheat and ore trading.

For more information on Black Oak’s Board Games Night, check out their facebook page

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