Win free admission to Beer 4 Boobs!


It’s not often that you can justify your drinking by claiming that it’s for charity, but on Sunday April 7th, you’ll be able to do just that at the second annual “Beer 4 Boobs,” a unique event bringing a group of passionate local brewers together to help fight breast cancer.

As with last year, the event will feature an ample selection of specialty and one-off beers brewed especially for the occasion. Unlike last year, however, this year’s festivities have expanded to included not one but two evenings in two different cities so as to better showcase the selection of beer offerings from the likes of Amsterdam Brewing Co., Black Oak, Mill Street, Oast House, Railway City, Beyond the Pale, Camerons, Niagara College, The Ship, Grand River, Bellwoods, Silversmith, Trafalgar, Indie Ale House, Cheshire Valley, Granite and more.

Brewers have donated their time and their brewing systems to collaborate on beers that will be served exclusively at the “Beer 4 Boobs” events, the first taking place at The Rhino here in Toronto on Sunday April 7th and the second taking place at The Casbah in Hamilton on Sunday April 14th.

Kaitlin Vandenbosch, co-founder of Beer 4 Boobs, explained that the expansion to two venues is largely a result of the reception of last year’s event. “Our first event at bar Volo was a huge success. This year we have been able to expand to include two locations and triple the amount of beer at each event due the enormous support from the brewing community in Toronto and across South-Western Ontario.”

The event costs $25 to attend ($45 for two) and includes a commemorative glass and one beer ticket. Extra beer tickets are just $3 each. Proceeds from the Toronto event will be donated to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s PYNK program, the first of its kind in Canada to address the special clinical, psychological, research, and educational needs of younger women with breast cancer. Meanwhile proceeds from the Hamilton event will go to Breast Cancer Support Services, an organization that provides comfort and support to women and families living with breast cancer in the Greater Hamilton and Halton regions.

The Toronto “Beer 4 Boobs” event at The Rhino will run from 2pm – 8pm on Sunday April 7, 2013, however, readers of Ben’s Beer Blog are being offered an opportunity to win free VIP admittance to Brewer’s Hour–exclusive early entry to the event to hobnob with the brewers and, more importantly, jump the line-ups for all those unique beers brewed just for the occasion.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and let me know why raising money for breast cancer awareness is important to you. The event organizers will pick their favourite comment and I’ll notify you by email if you’re the winner.

21 thoughts on “Win free admission to Beer 4 Boobs!

  1. I have family members who are affected by breast cancer. Awareness is vital to raise funds as well as to encourage people to manage their own health.

  2. all the money in the world is great..until you find a lump in your breast. (not exactly original but worth repeating/reminding)

  3. No one close to me has been afflicted by breast cancer. I’d like to keep it that way -so I support beer4boobs

  4. I have a lot of very beautiful women in my life I’d like to keep healthy and strong. I also enjoy beer, so this is a win win event for me

  5. There are a number of breast cancer related charities and campaigns out three, and not all of them are as good as the others. One campaign even “pink” labelled products that contained carcinogens! With Beer 4 Boobs is it is a product that I am passionate about, and science suggests that hops may even be beneficial for cancer prevention. The charities involved – PYNK, and Breast Cancer Support Services are good charities doing tangible beneficial work in their local communities. Drinkers get to have fun and support these great charities. It’s a good deal really! Also “Beer 4 Boobs” makes my wife giggle a little, so there’s that as well 🙂

  6. Breast Cancer awareness leads to better screening, research and prevention. Better prevention will help my friends in our twenties make better choices, better screening help our mothers and better research will help us all.

  7. It is so ironic and sad that the organ that feeds and nourishes mankind is still one of the leading causes of cancer in women today. We need to do everything possible to spread its awareness and help eliminate this disease permanently. Every human being owes that to his or her mother. Hats off to the brewers coming together for such a great cause. Cheers and best wishes ! 🙂

  8. The more we know about breast cancer the more prepared we are, and the more important it becomes for society the more money will be put on research.

  9. My girlfriend’s mom had breast cancer. I don’t want my woman, or anyone else’s to have that kind of unnecessary hardship.

    Also, beer.

  10. I think the best reason is simply that it brings beer-lovers together for a common worthy cause! (Besides, doesn’t beer prevent breast cancer? I’m sure I read that somewhere!)

  11. Breast cancer runs in the family, and a few friends. Awareness and early screening are important, but for those with first hand experience, support is key. This is a wonderful cause and my husband and I are looking forward to attending the Hamilton one (where we live) at the Casbah.

  12. My mum died of breast cancer when I was 8 years old. No child should have to grow up without their mother, and over the past 15 years I’ve been giving my support and raising awareness as I can. The fact that I can do it by drinking delicious local brews? Even better!

    A self-exam could mean the difference between life and death and can be done in the time taken to drink a pint.

  13. Raising awareness about breast cancer is vital because an early diagnosis dramatically improves patient outcomes. There are still many misconceptions that might prevent people from getting the best, earliest care. I myself was surprised to learn that breast cancer can appear in younger women and is often more aggressive. This awareness will encourage me to pay more attention a to my own health and also help organizations that spread such important information.

  14. Breast cancer is devastating, both physically and emotionally. One in eight women will suffer from it in their lifetime. It’s important to do what we can to save the Ta-Tas. And if that means drinking beer, then so be it!

  15. I’m attending this event with my sister. We both have friends affected by breast cancer. Some survived, some fought hard and did not survive. We love craft beer, so what better way to support cancer research and celebrate the lives of our friends.

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