Win tickets to the Back Alley Beer Festival at Stout Irish Pub


Here are two things you should already know:

  1. Ontario Craft Beer Week officially kicks off on June 16th and continues until June 23rd.
  2. Stout Irish Pub on Carlton near Parliament is the best bar in Cabbagetown.

Here are two things you probably didn’t know but you are going to like:

  1. Stout Irish Pub is hosting the awesomeley named “Back Alley Beer Festival” on Saturday June 15 to put you and your liver through the paces as a perfect warm up to OCB Week by pouring beer from over 20 different great craft brewers
  2. I’m giving away four free passes to said awesomely-named event.

All you have to do for a chance to win is post a comment on this very post letting me know why you prefer to drink Ontario beer. I’ll randomly select two winners and each winner will win a pair of passes (so use your real email address when you sign in to comment).

Your free pass will include your admission (which the plebs will be shelling out $20 for) and five tickets each good for a 5oz sample drink.

TWIST: While I’ll select the winning comments at random from a hat (an actual hat!) every comment that I find funny will go into the hat twice, meaning you get a second chance to win if you can just make this dead-inside beer blogger muster a chuckle.

So….why do you prefer to drink Ontario beer?

Pot-sweetening update June 12: The folks at Stout have just offered up 10 Stout-branded frisbees as runner-up prizes. First beer, now frisbees? Can this contest get any better?!

11 thoughts on “Win tickets to the Back Alley Beer Festival at Stout Irish Pub

  1. Because my parents have taught me not to go into a back alley with strangers and local craft breweries are no strangers to me! Send me to the Back Alley Beer Festival!

  2. I like to drink Ontario beer because if I’m going to get cirrhosis of the liver, I want ethically-sourced local cirrhosis of the liver, thank you very much.

  3. Ontario Craft Beer has so much flavour and I enjoy supporting the local businesses. The wife is more concerned about the amount on spending on it than the actual consumption. Hah.

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