How Cask Days became a full-blown beer phenomenon

Cask Days Toronto

Cask Days began in 2005 on the patio of barVolo as a fairly intimate gathering of attendees who were enthusiastic about cask-conditioned beer. They sipped unpasteurized, unfiltered beer which had been carbonated naturally via a secondary fermentation inside one of the 21 casks on hand that day.

This past weekend, celebrating the 9th anniversary of Cask Days over two brisk days at the Evergreen Brick Works, it was clear that the event has grown from its humble beginnings on Yonge Street to become a full-blown beer phenomenon.

Here’s how the Morana family, those crafty organizers of Cask Days, did it.

For starters, they’ve steadily increased the amount of beer available, upping the amount of casks available ten-fold. This past weekend saw 230 different casks of beer from 124 different brewers offered over the course of three sessions. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly 9200 litres of beer — enough to fill five of these sweet kiddie-pool-and-slide combos available at Walmart (idea for next year’s Cask Days?).

(Read the rest of this article over on blogTO where it was originally published on October 21, 2013…)

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