So there’s a $500 Stella Artois glass


Do have $500 you are thinking about flushing down the toilet or setting on fire?

If you answered yes, hang on one second. I’d like to let you know about an even more wasteful thing to do with that money.

The good folks at Stella Artois, the world’s best selling Belgian beer, have created a $500 Stella Artois chalice adorned with Swarovski crystals.

As the press release for this holiday must-have informed me, “The Crystal Chalice pays homage to six centuries of Belgian brewing heritage [Trappist monks, presumably, share a rich heritage of bling]. On the whole, more than two million pure Swarovski crystals were meticulously affixed to this collection. Each Crystal Chalice is hand-blown and features a classically chic platinum rim.”


So before you flush that wad of money, consider this–the ultimate pimp cup.

If you’re tired of drinking your blonde pilsner from the jewel-encrusted skulls of endangered species, you’ll be able to pick one of these bad boys up beginning November 25th, exclusively in Canada at GOTSTYLE stores and on their website. You should probably grab two in case you chip one in the dishwasher.


(PS – is it just me or does “classically chic platinum rim” sound like something the world’s classiest call girl might also offer for $500?)

2 thoughts on “So there’s a $500 Stella Artois glass

  1. This is what happens when idiots get involved in the marketing of beer and the ownership of the company is too far removed from reality and its heritage to keep them in check.

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