The best beer I’ve ever had: Fabian Skidmore

As part of my ongoing series, The best beer I’ve ever had, I put the call out to other beer folks and ask them to detail their “best beer” experiences for me.

For today’s installment, Fabian Skidmore, bartender at Danforth craft beer staple, The Only Cafe, shares his story.


Ah, the things we do to get us through university.

I spent a lot of time digging holes, painting walls, cleaning things, chopping veggies as quickly as I could while ducking and dodging flying pots and pans originating from unstable, drug addled chefs.

One day, I even helped re-wire a house.

Our job was to rip out old knob-and-tube wiring, and replace with modern 14-2. We fished wire, drilled holes and fished more wire, until we were done our 9-hour day. It was the hottest day in the summer and, of course, we were unable to partake in relishing the luxury of AC. We were depleted of all human moisture by the time the certified electrician came by to inspect our work and hook our dangling bits of wire to the main panel.

While we were waiting for the guy to do his thing, the client/home-owner returned with a big coleman full of ice and beer.

Before I go any further, I should make it clear that the segment of the industry in which I work is composed mostly of beer appreciators/snobs/geeks. In this circle, the phrase “and then I had a really, really, cold, refreshing bottle of Labatt Blue,” rolls off the lips with the ease and speed of cold maple syrup.

But it’s true.

It’s definitely not a beer that I would seek out, purchase, or even like. But that ice-cold Blue at that very moment was the best beer I’ve ever had.

2 thoughts on “The best beer I’ve ever had: Fabian Skidmore

  1. I like this story. I’ve heard it a few times around a particular friend of mine whom I have cajoled into drinking good beer mostly at the Only. Fabian’s point is a good one. All beer is meant to be drank. Nobody purposely puts out a beer to not be sold. Some of it is meant to be savoured and enjoyed while others are more utilitarian.

    A long way of saying that if you need a hammer for one nail, you don’t need a nailgun. Though, I suppose a nailgun might be handing for putting up drywall. Say, are you busy Fabian? I might have project for you, now that you have exposed your hidden talents…

  2. Hey Fabian. Long time no see. I was on Manitoulin last week. Went to the Split Rail Brew. They had a seasonal offering called Spruce Ale, something like that F’n wicked
    Hope you see this. Hope to see you ’round the pub soon

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