Harry Porter and the Bourbon Soaked Vanilla Bean is coming to the LCBO

BBB Harry porter

Great news for fans of American porters, bourbon, vanilla, and JK Rowling-related puns: Great Lakes Brewery’s excellent “Harry Porter & the Bourbon Soaked Vanilla Bean” will soon be available at the LCBO.

Sources at Great Lakes have confirmed to the staff at Ben’s Beer Blog (yes, that’s just me chatting with Troy) that the rich, creamy, bourbon-y, vanilla-y porter that has developed a devoted following as an occasional GLB one-off will be the latest beer to join Great Lakes’ popular Tank Ten series and will appear on LCBO shelves in early February.

In order to properly launch the beer, Great Lakes will be throwing a party on February 6th at The Loose Moose (event poster below) which will feature an appropriately rich and delicious lineup of dark GLB beers. In addition to Harry Porter & the Bourbon Soaked Vanilla Bean on tap, in cans, and on cask, there will also be Harry Porter & the Fairgrounds Coffee Bean, a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter with Vanilla Bean, and one more as-yet-unnamed surprise beer made with cherries.

Approximately 10,000 650ml bottles of Harry Porter will be heading to LCBOs across the province in early February and will retail for $5.95 each.

bbb untethered

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