The Friday Link Roundup 07.04.14

UntitledThe Friday Link Roundup is a feature wherein Ben’s Beer Blog lazily points you to other writers’ beery things worth reading on the interwebs this week.

Barrel age In addition to beer, folks these days are barrel-aging everything from hot sauce to coffee to mustard and pickles. As a result, according to this article in Modern Farmer we’re actually facing an impending barrel shortage. 
Homebrew Want to really up your homebrewing game? Try the all organic method. This book will teach you how to “brew sustainably by growing ingredients yourself, recycling water, using solar energy, and achieving zero waste.” Pretty fucking ambitious!
Yoga beer In “exercise I can get on board with” news, it’s Detox Retox, a growing trend in yoga classes paired with a post-class beer and often held at a brewery. Sign me up! via The New York Times
Crystal Luxmore And finally, in some shitty local news, Toronto’s best free weekly magazine, The Grid, has closed its doors. Sadly, that means we’ll no longer have beer writer Crystal Luxmore’s great, bi-weekly Hopped Up columns, so why not go read them now while you can (and to find out what’s next for Crystal, for god’s sake, subscribe to her newsletter, would ya?)


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