Scotland’s Brew Dog is coming to Ontario


Innovative Scottish brewery, Brew Dog, who have become famous across the pond as much for their beer as for their antics–having participated in the race to make the world’s strongest beer, winning that race by brewing a 55% beer that they packaged in road kill, made a beer at the bottom of the ocean, projected themselves naked onto the British Houses of parliament, sold shares of their company online to over 14,000 “shareholders” and, in just a few short years have become Scotland’s largest independent brewery–have announced their next adventure: they’re coming to Ontario.

I spoke to Stefan Milo Cornish of Premier Brands, the agency representing Brew Dog, who confirmed the rumours about which Ontario beer nerds have been speculating. Draught offerings of a handful of Brew Dog beers will be available here as early as next week.

Cornish noted that a number of Ontario bars and restaurants have expressed an interest in Brew Dog and name-dropped Toronto bars Prohibition, Red House, Monk’s Table, Beer Bistro, and The Town Crier as potential accounts, in addition to Ottawa’s Pub Italia, Oakville’s Yolanda’s and Baker Street in Guelph, among others.

As for which beers are coming, Cornish said kegs of Brew Dog’s Punk IPA, Five AM Red Ale, Libertine Black IPA, Dogma, Cocoa Psycho, and Hardcore IPA are all coming in on a shipping container and, while “the brands [are] currently in LCBO review,” Cornish mentioned tall boys of Punk IPA and the potential for seasonal releases from both Brew Dog’s Amplified and Headliner line ups for projected retail sales in mid 2015.

4 thoughts on “Scotland’s Brew Dog is coming to Ontario

  1. So first Sierra Nevada and now Brew Dog. Strangely, I think this will be good for Ontario brewing. If you go into the bar and taste these guys and they are good and then taste Ontario brews and find that they are up to snuff then…

    I’m really looking forward to this. I think that some of the Pale Ales here are great and this will give them time to shine.

    1. Can only help the tap list at some of the pubs listed . . tame to lame with egocentric imports or tired beige beers without any breadth. BrewDog will provide a curiosity boost to these places. Hopefully provide the attention you suggest and I too invite the international competition to give our locals a time to shine. Sadly i’m sure most will just ignore their backyard for the intrigue and lure of an import with a good mktg story.
      Premier will prolly gain an initial boost for this too, until their next “cool” import. still don’t think it will do much for their local brand though.

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