Haiku reviews: Sleeman’s Railside Session Ale

Haiku reviews is a new feature wherein I invoke the brief and impressionistic style of poetry to devote exactly 17 syllables to reviewing a beer.

Sleeman’s Railside Session Ale
in dust-blown ditch weeds
in the damp sulphur of Guelph
the racoon goes pee


What they have to say: “As the legend goes, back in the late 19th century, a railway route through Guelph was used to deliver hops to the original Sleeman Silver Creek Brewery. While riding on the rickety rails, loose hops fell overboard onto fields lining the track. Over time the fallen hops began to grow naturally along the rail line. These hops still grow wild there today and are the inspiration behind Sleeman Railside Session Ale.”

Where you can get it: Available in 341mL bottles and 473 mL cans and 30L Kegs at The Beer Store.

Want to send me a beer for the haiku review treatment? Drop me a line.

8 thoughts on “Haiku reviews: Sleeman’s Railside Session Ale

  1. Their little story is so poorly researched. Either that or they are just counting on customer ignorance. Hops don’t just grow magically from the harvested unfertilized female cones used for brewing. Pure stupidity.

  2. Are you saying there was no such thing as seeded hops in the 1800’s? Less time primping your craft brewing beard and more time researching the brewing industry of 19th century would do you well. Your comment is pure stupidity.

  3. I was thinking the same thing Brewster. I am sure that random seeds would be on the trains. That’s nature for you. Plants disburse their seeds any way they can: birds, wind, insects and sometimes riding the rails. University of Guelph Grad.

  4. Recently tried sleeman original draft it was horrible I’m glad I didn’t pay for it waste of money I guess what can u expect from a Japanese brewing company NOT MUCH

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