Fewer beers at events, please

Beer Festivals

As we enter June, we’re essentially entering prime time for summer beer events in and around Toronto (here, for example, is a handy list of ten such events) and while Session Toronto, Cask Days, The Toronto Festival of Beer, et. al, all tout the number of beers that will be on hand as something a badge of honour, I’d like to propose that where beer selection is concerned, less is actually more.

It seems to be a mark of success to show that the number of beers at a festival has grown exponentially from one year to the next. Cask Days, for example, boasted 230 different beers this year from 140 different brewers, up from 150 different beers the year before.

While this sounds awesome, I actually think it’s more overwhelming than it is exciting. You can’t possibly drink 230 beers at one event, even if you were to attend all three days of Cask Days, so quite simply, it’s too much. I know that the organizers of beer events (Cask Days in particular) work very hard to bring in unique and interesting offerings for their events, but with no way of trying all of them, I just find massive beer lists stressful. Continue reading “Fewer beers at events, please”

Aaron and Allana do Toronto’s Festival of Beer

Owing to recent developments (i.e. we had a baby), I was unable to attend this year’s Toronto Festival of Beer; however, given my commitment to covering the city’s beer-related news (and the fact that I had two free tickets), I asked some friends of mine to attend in my stead and report back. Here now, in a Ben’s Beer Blog first, is the firsthand account of this website’s newest (and cutest) correspondents, Aaron and Allana. 

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Toronto’s Festival of Beer is the best place to go if you like to stumble around in hats made from six packs and exchange plastic coins for a taste of the world’s finest brews. Beer Fest is Christmas for the underemployed – and that is where we belong!


We were given passes to this annual sponsored frat party because Ben just had a baby and all of a sudden doesn’t care about beer anymore. More beer for us, sellout! Continue reading “Aaron and Allana do Toronto’s Festival of Beer”