‘Tis A Fine Time for Eatin’ and Drinkin’ Outdoors

Because I have a super busy Sunday planned already,  there are, of course, two pretty sweet food and beer events happening that day that I can’t attend.

While I’m watching some talented actors perform scenes written by me and my Second City writing class in the unfortunately titled graduation show, Fifty Shades of Gay (no, really, that’s the name of our comedy show), there will be not one but two great eating and drinking opportunities happening elsewhere–one just a few scant blocks from my home.

The first is Lobstah Palooza, which I’m assuming is misspelled so as to sound the way the east-coast lobsters you’ll be boiling alive and eating might say the word if they had the ability to speak. Cute!

Hosted by Rock Lobster‘s Matt Dean Pettit and Food Network Star Kevin Brauch (aka The Thirsty Traveller) the food is pretty much guaranteed to be good. In  addition to corn on the cob and other summer fare, there’s lobster salad, and, naturally, the price of your ticket gets you a 1.5 pound lobster. What you name it is entirely up to you, but I think “Ben” has a lovely ring to it since I scooped you to this bitchin’ good time.

Naturally, since I’m talking about it, there will be alcohol involved, too. Along with the grub, your ticket gets you three drink samples from a collection of beer, wine, and spirit makers. Among them will be Steam Whistle and Augusta Ale. There’s also going to be some tequila and wine but really who gives a shit–there’s Steam Whistle and Augusta Ale? Why waste a drink ticket on wine? Just sayin’.

There’s also going to be live bands and the whole thing goes down from 1pm to 6pm on the patio of “Toronto’s Premier Event Space” 99 Sudbury.

If you can’t afford the still-pretty-reasonable-for-what-you-get $50 it will cost you to attend Lobstah Palooza, there’s another event going down north of there at Wychwood Barns that might be a little easier on the wallet. From 1pm – 5pm, The Stop Community Centre continues their successful Beer Garden series, this time around with beers from the fantastic Barrie brewery, Flying Monkeys, who will be pouring their Hoptical Illusion and Anti-Gravity Light Ale.

And if you’re skipping out on lobster so as to avoid the sound of their screams, you can rest easy that no animals will be harmed in the making of The Stop’s Sunday fare since Animal Liberation Kitchen is on food duty and they’re bringing vegetarian meatball sandwiches and eggplant and lentil stew. So, while you’re consciences rests easy, you can chew your food, sip some beer, and talk about why they fuck they still call them meatballs when there’s no meat in them. Nom nom nom. Beer and food tickets on sale on site so you can spend/eat/drink as little or as much as you like.

And if for some reason you attend these events then feel like watching amateur sports later in the evening, my softball team, The Lloyd Moseby Invitational, will begin what I’m sure will be an absolutely dominating playoff run on a baseball diamond somewhere in the city. Why not bring a lobster or two or some “meatballs” by my softball game for me ?

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