Get Your Ass to Bellwoods Brewery Tomorrow

Tell your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/squirrel that you’re going to miss your scheduled DVR Breaking Bad catch-up night, tell the kids to find their own goddamned way home from soccer, tell your Zumba instructor you’re not going to make it tomorrow–just do whatever the fuck it is that you have to do to make sure you don’t have plans tomorrow. Hell, you don’t even need to make excuses; just tell them that BELLWOODS AND DIEU DE CIEL COLLABORATED ON AN IMPERIAL IPA AND IT’S BEING RELEASED THURSDAY!

Yes, that’s right, a few weeks ago, before heading off to start a brewery in Japan, Luc Lafontaine, the brewmaster at Quebec’s Dieu du Ciel! brewery, decided to create a few beer-nerd wet-dreams and stopped by Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington in order to create a collaboration beer.

That beer, dubbed “Last Splash.” is an Imperial IPA and is scheduled to be released at Bellwoods’ brewpub tomorrow.

If the people you’re disappointing know anything about beer, they’ll understand that this is a pretty rare opportunity to try what is sure to be a tasty beer created by Toronto’s newest brewers and one of Montreal’s best. Besides, they’re likely used to being disappointed by you anyway, so go and enjoy yourself.

Bonus: While you’re there you can check out the new menu from Fab DeCicco, Bellwoods’ new chef, acquired by way of  Enoteca Sociale, Canoe, Alimento, and Fat Duck.

Great drinking, great eating. Fuck Zumba.

*picture of Luke and Luc’s asses stolen from Bellwoods’ website

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