Contest: Calling all gentlemen

I say, which way to the donkey show, lad?

Do you consider yourself a gentleman?

If so, I’ve got some news for you. On November 22nd, a show is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre just for you. Indeed, it’s The Gentlemen’s Expo, designed, so their website says, for those men who’ve “ever wondered what the difference between scotch and bourbon is, how to grill a perfect steak, change your own oil, fix a leaky faucet,  start a business, or put together an outfit without asking your wife/girlfriend/mom.”

Well if that sounds like you, I’ve got three important things to tell you:

1) If you don’t know the difference between bourbon and scotch, you need to turn off the computer and go make some serious changes in your life right now,
2) The slashes in “wife/girlfriend/mom” above are meant to stand in for the word “or.” If you have a person who is all of those things to you, you also need to turn off the computer and make some changes in your life right now, and finally,
3) I want to send you to the Expo, for free! Continue reading “Contest: Calling all gentlemen”

Fucking IPA Challenge is the same weekend as my fucking canoe trip

IPA challenge

Tickets went on sale today for the 5th annual Cask Conditioned IPA Challenge at barVolo.

This year, the event falls on May 4th and 5th–as luck would have it the same fucking weekend I’m scheduled to take a fucking canoe trip with my fucking brothers.

The guys from Volo, who are responsible for some of my favourite fucking beer events and whose bar is one of my favourite fucking places to grab a pint after work, have seen fit to schedule the event–focusing on my favourite fucking style of beer–on the only weekend of the fucking summer that my three brothers and I are all available to get together for a long-planned journey down the fucking Saugeen River. Continue reading “Fucking IPA Challenge is the same weekend as my fucking canoe trip”

Get Your Ass to Bellwoods Brewery Tomorrow

Tell your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/squirrel that you’re going to miss your scheduled DVR Breaking Bad catch-up night, tell the kids to find their own goddamned way home from soccer, tell your Zumba instructor you’re not going to make it tomorrow–just do whatever the fuck it is that you have to do to make sure you don’t have plans tomorrow. Hell, you don’t even need to make excuses; just tell them that BELLWOODS AND DIEU DE CIEL COLLABORATED ON AN IMPERIAL IPA AND IT’S BEING RELEASED THURSDAY!

Yes, that’s right, a few weeks ago, before heading off to start a brewery in Japan, Luc Lafontaine, the brewmaster at Quebec’s Dieu du Ciel! brewery, decided to create a few beer-nerd wet-dreams and stopped by Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington in order to create a collaboration beer. Continue reading “Get Your Ass to Bellwoods Brewery Tomorrow”

Danforth Shmanforth: To the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival!

Unless you live in a cave, you’re probably aware that this weekend is the annual tribute to most things Greek of the Danforth (think more souvlaki and Greek music, less economic collapse and political turmoil).

In fact, this weekend is the 19th annual Taste of The Danforth,  Canada’s largest street festival, which, according to their website, welcomes over 1.3 million visitors (I’m assuming that’s cumulative…).

And while I’m a big fan of gyros, the odd bottle of Mythos, and the Taste of The Danforth generally, this year I think I’ll skip it.

Instead, I’m heading to the first annual Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, taking place, appropriately enough, at Roundhouse Park. Continue reading “Danforth Shmanforth: To the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival!”