Contest: Calling all gentlemen

I say, which way to the donkey show, lad?

Do you consider yourself a gentleman?

If so, I’ve got some news for you. On November 22nd, a show is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre just for you. Indeed, it’s The Gentlemen’s Expo, designed, so their website says, for those men who’ve “ever wondered what the difference between scotch and bourbon is, how to grill a perfect steak, change your own oil, fix a leaky faucet,  start a business, or put together an outfit without asking your wife/girlfriend/mom.”

Well if that sounds like you, I’ve got three important things to tell you:

1) If you don’t know the difference between bourbon and scotch, you need to turn off the computer and go make some serious changes in your life right now,
2) The slashes in “wife/girlfriend/mom” above are meant to stand in for the word “or.” If you have a person who is all of those things to you, you also need to turn off the computer and make some changes in your life right now, and finally,
3) I want to send you to the Expo, for free! Continue reading “Contest: Calling all gentlemen”