This is not a stouts and chocolate Valentine’s Day post

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and whether you’re revelling in your choice to be single, lamenting your fate at being alone, or ironing your dancing pants and putting the finishing touches on your plans with that special someone, we beer lovers all have one thing in common this time of year: We’re being bombarded with clumsy and desperate attempts by marketers and beer writers alike to bring together the idea of beer and valentines in a transparent attempt to create some topical traffic and/or brand engagement. Because romance.

Some of these savvy communicators and influencers will recommend beers with red fruit in them since these beers have a red-tinged appearence appropriate to the heart-themed occasion (fun!) and some might do a round-up of local beers that have love in their name, hearts on their label, or involve a cheeky reference to sex (sexy!).

Of course, as is the case every year, far more of these fellow creative types are likely to produce a litany of phoned-in listicles explaining to us, once again, why this is a great time of year to pair some dark beer with some chocolate.

Ugh. Continue reading “This is not a stouts and chocolate Valentine’s Day post”

Beau’s All Natural adds a full time IPA to their lineup

I don’t usually do detailed beer reviews any more, but sometimes I try a beer that makes me feel like talking.

Vankleek Hill’s Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. is about to release an IPA that will join their roster full time. Appropriately, it’s called Full Time IPA.

Here’s why I dig this: You could argue that the IPA trend in Ontario is on its way out (I mean you could. I probably wouldn’t listen), but we’re definitely ushering in a return to traditional, “simpler” styles like pilsners and lagers. And so Beaus, who are arguably best known for their kolsch-style beer, have decided to to offer a up a full time, hop-heavy beer because, why the hell not? Continue reading “Beau’s All Natural adds a full time IPA to their lineup”

Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a (good) beer


Because we live in a shallow, celebrity-obsessed, drain-circling, increasingly culture-deprived world wherein the things that handsome, famous white guys do on vacation are deemed newsworthy, I am aware of the headline-worthy fact that a few days ago Matthew McConaughey found himself vacation near Brad Pitt and, as a means of saying hello, Mr. Pitt threw Mr. McConaughey a beer.

(To be clear: I’m aware of this “event” because of Google Alerts related to beer and totally not because I troll TMZ for totes hot Khloe and Kim gossip, obvi. lol omg lmfao.)

The “articles” on the “event” seemed to point to the reason each handsome white man found themselves in New Orleans and the various projects that each were currently working on, but few, I discovered, mentioned the only thing I wanted to know about the story once I was aware of it: What kind of beer did these handsome gents exchange? Continue reading “Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a (good) beer”

Where to brew your own beer in Toronto

An edited version of this post appeared on blogTO’s “grocery store” section back on June 18, 2013, but because I’m not sure anyone has ever read blogTO’s grocery store section (I didn’t even know it existed), and because it means I can simply copy and paste to plop some content on my blog this week, I’ve opted to repost it here. Lazy!
What are your thoughts on “you brew” facilities like Fermentations?

Fermentations Toronto

In the argument about micro- vs. macro-brewers and the conversation about who brews the best beer locally, we tend to forget that there is another option when it comes to beer drinking, namely, making it yourself. But when few have the time, inclination, space, or knowledge to set up their own homebrewing operations, are there any commercial places in Toronto one can go to brew a batch of beer themselves?

Well yes, as it turns out–but just one. Continue reading “Where to brew your own beer in Toronto”

Fucking IPA Challenge is the same weekend as my fucking canoe trip

IPA challenge

Tickets went on sale today for the 5th annual Cask Conditioned IPA Challenge at barVolo.

This year, the event falls on May 4th and 5th–as luck would have it the same fucking weekend I’m scheduled to take a fucking canoe trip with my fucking brothers.

The guys from Volo, who are responsible for some of my favourite fucking beer events and whose bar is one of my favourite fucking places to grab a pint after work, have seen fit to schedule the event–focusing on my favourite fucking style of beer–on the only weekend of the fucking summer that my three brothers and I are all available to get together for a long-planned journey down the fucking Saugeen River. Continue reading “Fucking IPA Challenge is the same weekend as my fucking canoe trip”