Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a (good) beer


Because we live in a shallow, celebrity-obsessed, drain-circling, increasingly culture-deprived world wherein the things that handsome, famous white guys do on vacation are deemed newsworthy, I am aware of the headline-worthy fact that a few days ago Matthew McConaughey found himself vacation near Brad Pitt and, as a means of saying hello, Mr. Pitt threw Mr. McConaughey a beer.

(To be clear: I’m aware of this “event” because of Google Alerts related to beer and totally not because I troll TMZ for totes hot Khloe and Kim gossip, obvi. lol omg lmfao.)

The “articles” on the “event” seemed to point to the reason each handsome white man found themselves in New Orleans and the various projects that each were currently working on, but few, I discovered, mentioned the only thing I wanted to know about the story once I was aware of it: What kind of beer did these handsome gents exchange? Continue reading “Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a (good) beer”