Bar Hop announces new “Hop Talk” series

Bar Hop bartender Matt Bod laughing at something hilarious I said
Bar Hop bartender Matt Bod laughing at something hilarious I said

Bar Hop, the craft beer destination that won the Golden Tap award in 2013 for the Best Bar for Draught Beer Selection in Ontario, has announced a new monthly event series.

Billed as “Hop Talk,” the series will be a mini tap takeover of sorts wherein a featured brewer will not only have five of their beers on tap, but will also be present to talk about the beer with customers.

The event will be free to attend and in addition to the standard 5oz sample portion sizes, the organizers have mercifully allowed patrons to also order an actual effing pint.

Beginning Wednesday April 2nd at 5pm, the inaugural edition of Hop Talk will feature Jason Fisher, the laidback and quiet proprietor of Indie Alehouse as well as Indie’s diminutive and impeccably-groomed brewmaster, Jeff Broeders.

The beers they’ll be bringing will include:
  • Rabbit of Caerbannog, a collaboration white IPA they made with Bar Hop
  • Spadina Monkey, Indie’s beloved barrel-aged sour
  • Cockpuncher Imperial IPA
  • Crush, a collaboration imperial whit with blood oranges they made with Amsterdam brewery, and
  • Ned’s ‘Stache a Flanders Brown

Rumour has it there might also be a bonus cask offering and one of the above beers may or may not have been aged on a charred fruit that rhymes with sminerapple.

Photo by Traven Benner

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