Why right now is a great time to drink Canadian beer

Gauge this
ave you  been down at the pub lately and noticed that your favourite pints are tasting a little better than usual?

Maybe you picked up a six pack at the LCBO and your usual two evening beers turned into three evening beers because your regular brew was just tasting so darn great right now?

Well, as easy as it is to think that the vague scent of spring in the air might be the culprit for your improved drinking experience, I’m going to suggest to you that there’s another reason.

The reason that your beer tastes better than usual is probably that your beer actually is better than usual right now.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but the fact is that April 1, 2014 just so happened to be the deadline for submissions for the Canadian Brewing Awards.

Accordingly, the tastier-than-usual beer in your glass lately might just be the result of the fact that the country’s brewers are currently being a little more meticulous about the beer they make in order to submit exemplary versions of their brands for awards consideration.

I don’t have any scientific evidence to support my claims, but based on hearsay, rumour, and some enthusiastic field work on my part, I’d like to suggest that some brands of Canadian beers sure do seem to be pouring exceptionally well these days. Spring is indeed  in the air, the hoppy aromas are potent and lingering, carbonation is on point, and lacing is so hot right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to suggest that the country’s brewers are suddenly paying more attention to their brewing standards than they do the rest of the year, but the country’s brewers are paying more attention to their brewing standards than they do the rest of the year.

Don’t believe me?

Get to the pub to see for yourself and test out my theory. It will literally be the best science experiment you ever conduct.

6 thoughts on “Why right now is a great time to drink Canadian beer

  1. It’s also because the fresh hop shipments from last year’s crop are just starting to arrive after being pellitised over the winter. Same reason Pliney The Younger and a slew of hopped up brews show up this time of the year.

  2. I visited Beer Town in London last weekend and tasted many craft beers from Ontario. They were all excellent.

    1. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Beertown, myself. There’s definitely some good stuff on tap, but tons of not-so-great beer, too. I’ve also heard a rumour or two about their less-than-ideal (outdoor) keg storage. I still need to check it out for myself next time I’m in London.

      1. I wondered how big the keg storage room was myself, outside? How’s that gonna work come July/August? The only beer that was off was Beaus Lugtread. Hazy and it didn’t taste anything like the bottle. Steam Whistle was very good.

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