The Friday Link Roundup 5.9.14

The Friday Link Roundup is a feature wherein Ben’s Beer Blog lazily points you to other beery things worth reading on the interwebs this week. BBBFridayRoundup

Strong Beer I wasn’t even aware this was a thing but, according to Cool Material there’s long been a war brewing over who can make the world’s strongest beer. Read how it all went down.
Pete Brown Over on his blog, Pete Brown waxes philosophical on serving good beer and being twattish, as is his wont.
SONY DSC A little while ago, Charles Benoit, the cofounder of organic unaged whisky making Toronto Distillery Co. sounded off on The Beer Store Debate & Ontario’s Policy Quagmire on the company’s blog.
Beer lollipops Because why not, there is Lollyphile! a “San Francisco born & Austin raised candy company” making beer flavoured lollipops. Order yours in IPA, Lager, or Stout.


And finally, it’s not beer related, but it’s about drinking and down right Canadian. Here’s Farley Mowat, RIP, on the three cardinal tenets of rum drinking in Newfoundland.

farley_mowat“…The first of these is that as soon as a bottle is placed on a table it must be opened. This is done to “let the air get at it and carry off the black vapors.” The second tenet is that a bottle, once opened, must never be restoppered, because of the belief that it will then go bad. No bottle of rum has ever gone bad in Newfoundland, but none has ever been restoppered, so there is no way of knowing whether this belief is reasonable. The final tenet is that an open bottle must be drunk as rapidly as possible “before all to-good goes out of it.”

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