The Friday Link Roundup, All Me Edition 06.13.14

UntitledThe Friday Link Roundup is usually a feature wherein Ben’s Beer Blog lazily points you to other writers’ beery things worth reading on the interwebs this week; however,  because I’ve had a busy week writing things for other websites, I thought I might just point you to those things today. It’s all the Johnson you can handle for your Friday reading pleasure!

glb If you missed all the chatter (i.e. me) on twitter, about #DillHoleIPA, the collaboration beer I made with Great Lakes Brewery, here’s my blogTO piece with all the details before the beer is unveiled tonight at SessionTO.
OCBWeek Today marks the start of Ontario Craft Beer Week. Here’s my picks for the best Toronto events. Make what you will of the fact that I accidentally inserted a Guelph event and no one but Greg Clow has called me on it yet.
BRU-V Yesterday blogTO ran a short piece of mine detailing Toronto startup BRU-V, who’ve started a Kickstarter campaign for their deskunkifying pint glasses. The comments, as they are wont to do, degenerated quickly.
beer wars And writing as a guest contributor over on Torontoist, I finally published an article I’d been working on for a long time about Beer Store employees publicly debating deregulation.

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