Contest: Win two tickets to The Beer Experience


One of the things I don’t like about beer events (and yes, I’ve mentioned a few things before) is the tendency for brewers to trot out mostly the same old beers to these things.

I know it’s a bit unfair to expect brewers to create a new beer for every beer event, but wouldn’t it be sweet if there was an event where all the beers being offered were being offered for the first time?

Well, there is actually.

The Beer Experience promises just that. According to their promotional material, “Each brewery [involved] has either brewed something totally unique specifically for this event, or they are bringing you a brand new brew that hasn’t hit the shelves yet!”

The promise of a lineup that’s entirely beers you’ve never had before? Officially awesome, yes?

The event is on September 11, 2014 and is being held at The Berkeley Church, and tickets will run you $25 (or $35 at the door). Admission includes five drink tokens and additional tokens are $1. Furthermore, the event’s website promises no less an outcome that its attendees working together to “create the renaissance of the modern day beer festival.”

Holy shit! A PR person wrote that on a website so it’s obviously true! Don’t you want to find out what that means?!

I want you to.

And so Ben’s Beer Blog (i.e. me) is hooking one lucky reader up with two free admission tickets (you’re on your own for drink tokens, cheapskate).

All you have to do to be eligible is send me a tweet @Ben_T_Johnson and tell me about your ultimate #BeerExperience— (or better yet show me) and please include the hashtag.

And yes, I guess if you don’t have twitter for some reason but you feel like attending the kickoff event to Toronto Beer Week, you like drinking beers you’ve never tried before, and you are interested in potentially helping create the renaissance of the modern day beer festival, you can still be eligible. Just leave a comment on this blog post explaining how it’s possible that a person reading a blog in 2014 still doesn’t have twitter (and yeah, the #BeerExperience thing too).

More details about the event are available here. Contest closes, uh, let’s see….2:14pm Saturday? Sure why not? Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Contest: Win two tickets to The Beer Experience

  1. I do not twitter but I love beer. I grew up in a cave and thus am very skeptical of anything with a screen, lights, or creates/consumes energy without rubbing two sticks together. Nevertheless, you can see why I do not have this “twitter” that all the kids are on these days, but would love to attend The Beer Experience. I promise to leave my domesticated wolf at home.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, my aluminum foil hat needs cleaning.

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