Contest: Win an Amsterdam Cruiser bike


There are two things I like about summer: drinking sessionable, hoppy beers and riding my bike.

That’s why when Amsterdam Brewery recently announced that they were giving away the above-pictured totally bitchin’ cruiser bike branded with the logo of their equally bitchin’ 4.9% golden pale ale, Cruiser Ale Day Pale Ale, I was perhaps less-than-subtle in showering praise on said bike on Amsterdam’s social media.

The “like-love” didn’t necessarily net me the result I wanted (I was really hoping they’d just be so into my enthusiasm that they’d send me a bike) but it did snag me a great opportunity for you, my loyal readers.

Yes, the ‘Dam Good Beer People are letting me give away a bike to a reader of Ben’s Beer’s Blog.

To enter, simply tweet a message telling me where you’d take your first ride on your new Cruiser cruiser if you won. Remember to include the hashtag #winacruiser as well as the hashtag #bbb so I know you heard about the contest here.

I know, two hashtags, what is this, soviet Russia?

For those of you who don’t have twitter, first of all, welcome to 2015, and second of all, you can enter via comment, below, as well.

As with all contests I’ve run previously, I’ll put all entrants into a hat and pull one winner at random; but I’ll also enter any entrants that make me laugh into the hat twice to double your chances of winning–so be funny!

As a condition of the rules of this contest, the winner may be required to double me on their new bike while I drink a six pack of Cruise All Day Pale Ale.

Contest closes July 20, 2015.

27 thoughts on “Contest: Win an Amsterdam Cruiser bike

  1. I would take a little cruise along the lakeshore, crack open one of those bottles, have a little sip, and chill. I would then bike home, or Tia friends house to share another beer .


  2. I’ll dress in all whites and fill the carryon with ice cream cones and yell out ‘free ice creams’ When kids stop me, I’ll tell them the ice cream is only for Dads. I’ll ride away laughing, powered by their tears.

  3. I would absolutely take a little cruise out to stratford, possibly followed by some beers at black swan brewery. It’s a beautiful ride. Plus what’s better than rolling up on an amsterdam branded bike, to black swan brewery, as a brewer at wellington? Cruiser is a great beer and I buy the shit out of it. Do we still need to use the hashtags? #winacruiser #bbb

  4. I’d Cruise all day long on my Boneshaking Big Wheel heading Downtown hoping not to Fracture my Framboise.

  5. Ild like to think I would go old school- ride down to the labatt store and get a 6 of labatt ice (tall cans) and then ghost ride the bike into the Thames river.
    #winacruiser #bbb

  6. I would take a ride along the Queen’s Quay to the newest Amsterdamn Restaurant for a cold, refreshing pint!

  7. If I won, I’d take my first ride on my new Cruiser cruiser to the Don Valley bike paths. I grew up in Willowdale and have never done that! Epic bucket list afternoon in the making #winacruiser #bbb

  8. Hey Ben!
    If I won, I’d ride down to Confederation Park here in the Hammer and stop for some fish and chips at Hutch’s! Cheers! #winacrusier #bbb

  9. My sweetie will be sitting on the sturdy front basket of my beautiful bike (#winacruiser) sipping a Cruiser while I pedal her to our picnic spot along the Humber.
    Thanks, Ben #bbb
    (Nick Power

  10. I would take it off some sweet jumps on my way down to center island where I would cruise around for the day making everyone jealous with my sick ride. Then stop to have a a few cold brews along the way back home.

  11. I’d make wonderful plans to ride to lake but would probably get smoked by a truck coming out of my house. Pour a cruiser down my throat while I wait for the paramedics. #winacruiser #bbb

  12. I would strap a couple six packs of Cruiser All Day to the front of the bike and ride past outdoor restaurant patios. If I saw someone drinking some ice ice cold BMC I’d smack it out of their unsuspecting hands and give them a bottle of Cruiser Ale Day, thus creating new craft beer converts.

  13. I’d cruise to Amsterdam (hello, corporate marketing) from the Waterfront Trail with the boy (because: beer and bikes = I’m his forever, ever) for some Squeeze Radlers (because: breakfast) all the way over to Great Lakes Brewery (because: lunch). It’s actually been a ride on our list for a while. At least, I get to show off my Toronto pride (because: Toronto), if only for the gawking looks from the other road bike users on the trails.

  14. I’d start by bungy-cording my boyfriend onto the rack, toss a cold Cruiser in his hands and roll on down to the Amsterdam Brewhouse to watch all the jealous facial expressions.

  15. I would cruise over to my fave beer garden, Drake’s Landing in Oakland. Great food, music and of course Beer.

  16. I would cruise over to my fave beer garden Drake’s landing in Oakland.
    Great food, music and of course beer. #winacruiser #bbb

  17. I would ride it in Montreal! Old Port, with a camelback full of Amsterdam blonde beer!! cheers!!!

  18. I would drive through the distillery district to the shore… kick back and discreetly have a couple beers while watching the sun set =)

  19. I don’t have Twitter, and I hope I’m not too late. But if I won this cruiser, I would take it out on Toronto island and cruise around my friend and show off my new amazing bike, and take some of that famous pale ale with me for a stop to watch the sunset!

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