Muskoka Brewery’s one-off beer game changer


Muskoka Brewery appears poised to bring their A game to 2017.

As I’ve noted of the Bracebridge brewers before, I feel like they’re in something of a weird spot thanks to their size: they’re often regarded by beer nerds as “big craft” thanks to the fact that they’ve been around a while and they’ve enjoyed some commercial success but they’re also interested in continuing to make interesting beer so their offerings don’t always necessarily play directly to Joe Sixpack’s palate. Try, as I once did, giving Mad Tom to your Budweiser-swilling uncle, for example.

So it’s interesting to watch their struggle, which is unique to only a handful of craft brewers in Ontario thus far: How do they keep growing without losing “craft cred?” How do they keep their Cream Ale-chugging local base and appease the Toronto neck beards?

Well, you gotta try some new shit, or risk getting stagnant.

On Thursday I learned by way of a press release that Muskoka has a plan to try some new shit next year that seems pretty innovative. The brewery will be stepping up their Moonlight Kettle series of one-offs considerably in the new year and doing so in a very cool way: First, they announced all the beers that will be released in the series ahead of time. A series of 12 one-offs designed in collaboration with staff from around the brewery will be released each month, and they’re already sharing the names, styles, and ABV of the beer they plan to make.

Second, they’re making the series, which was previously only available at the brewery or an tap in a handful of bars and restaurants, available for home delivery. If you’re not lucky enough to have brewers deliver beer samples to your home for review purposes (#humblebrag), you probably miss the occasional one-off from your favourite breweries. So this new option from Muskoka, which you can buy in six- or twelve-month memberships, ensures that, every month, a six pack of their Moonlight Kettle series beer is shipped directly to your house and you won’t miss one.

This is inarguably pretty cool.

The complete 2017 line-up for Muskoka Brewery’s Moonlight Kettle series includes these beers:

  • January: Dunkel Calls the Kettle Black, Munich Dunkel with Cherry (5.2%)
  • February: Raspbeery Coco Lait, Chocolate Raspberry Milk Stout (5-6%)
  • March: Sweet Shiver, Eisbock brewed with Grape Must (9%)
  • April: Which Way to the Birch?, Imperial Pilsner with Birch (7.5%)
  • May: Hazed and Confused, Vermont Style IPA (4-5%)
  • June: Dingo Drank My Beer, Australian Sparkling Ale (5-5.5%)
  • July: Summertime Siesta, Dry Hopped Session Kettle Sour (3.5%)
  • August: Genuwine Blonde, Blonde Ale fermented in Chardonnay Barrels (4.5%)
  • September: Seasons Change, Saison with Raspberry and Lavender (6.5-7%)
  • October: Break It Down Brown, Sour Brown Ale (6-6.5%)
  • November: Howling Gale Scotch Ale, Scotch Ale with Date Sugar (6%)
  • December: The Portley Gentleman, Porter with Vanilla and Cinnamon (6%)

The six month option will run you $39.99 a month while the 12 month subscription is $34.99 a month. You can get more info here.

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