#SummerWeiss or “The one where I shill for Muskoka Brewery but I don’t feel bad about it”


I think it’s pretty clear by now that Muskoka Brewery is kicking ass. They’ve stepped up their game immensely since the days of “Muskoka Cottage Brewing,” Mad Tom has redefined gateway beers and has found a semi-permanent home in the fridges of casual beer drinkers and craft nerds alike, and they continue to churn out high quality seasonals. As a result, they’ve become one of Canada’s fastest growing breweries.

Also, if you’re into that sort of thing, Muskoka Brewery clearly has good marketing.

I know it’s probably not cool to talk about quality “marketing” in the beer world where we bearded bastions of brewski pride ourselves on judging a beverage based on taste and taste alone, but ultimately, let’s be honest, we’re susceptible to liking that which is slick and cool as much as any Budweiser-swilling couch potato.

Or at least I am.

And I have to admit; I like Muskoka’s vibe. They’ve done cool things with their “off the beaten path” cottage-themed marketing, from the Muskoka chair logo to the kitchsy tales that accompany some of their brand names to the wall-mounted bottle openers they included with six packs recently.

I dig it.

And as a point of clarification/credibility retention measures, I should mention that I feel OK saying this because, first and foremost, I really like their beer. I think any beer aficionado who doesn’t admit to having had at least a brief love affair with Mad Tom is lying to you, their cream ale and lager are also both good examples of their respective styles and I’m hard pressed to find anything bad to say about their Harvest Ale, Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout, and their new-to-355ml bottles Summer Weiss (though I will admit I’m not a huge fan of their Oddity or their Dark Ale).

I also don’t feel bad passing along word of their current marketing campaign for a few reasons:

  • It’s linked to the afore-mentioned Summer Weiss which I think is a really good beer,
  • It’s a fun idea, and
  • It’s an opportunity for you (yes you!) to win stuff.

So here’s the deal: In order to spread the word about Summer Weiss becoming available in six packs as of May 1st, ($13.50 at the LCBO or Beer Store), Muskoka wants people to take photos of themselves doing Summery things with their beer (think ducking out of the office early for a beer, barbecuing, playing baseball, or ideally, simply standing in a bikini that showcases your stunning body, sir) then share your pictures on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #SummerWeiss. I indulged in my first Summer Weiss six pack of the season whilst at a farm so the above is my entry in the contest.

Muskoka will then choose a winner from among those photos who will win $1000 in “Muskoka Dollars,” tourism vouchers that are as good as cash at over 140 different locations within the Muskoka Region–ranging from attractions to restaurants to hotels, and resorts; so if you’re headed to Muskoka this summer, share your pictures and win some scratch to help pay for your beer, or get in on this and win so you’ll have an excuse to get up to cottage country this summer.

And, of course if you do win and you first heard about the contest here on my blog, you’re legally obligated to take me with you. I’ll bring my own bikini.

2 thoughts on “#SummerWeiss or “The one where I shill for Muskoka Brewery but I don’t feel bad about it”

  1. Ben,

    Muskoka Brewery just one a Bronze Medal last night at the Calgary BeeFest for Mad Tom IPA.


    Deborah Knight, Creative Campaign Strategist Getting You Noticed. Getting You In The News. 416 200 dkpr (3577) Facebook.com/dkprStrategy @dkprToronto http://www.dkpr.ca

  2. There’s a lot of Muskoka Brewery that I love. I’m a huge fan of the Oddity and Winterbeard (especially aged for a year) and of course the Weiss. Recently induldged in a six pack but…I think I’ll be getting another very soon.

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