The best beer I’ve ever had: Jay Meyers

Previously I’ve asked “beer folks” to talk to me about memorable beers for my ongoing series, The best beer I’ve ever had. For the month of July, I put the call out to some of Toronto’s best chefs, restaurateurs, and bartenders to detail their “best beer” experiences for me in hopes of exploring the important connection between food and beer.

For today’s installment, Jay Meyers details his best beer experience. Meyers is the head mixologist at Hudson Kitchen.

Jay Meyers

The best beer I’ve ever had was during the summer between my first and second years of university. A bunch of my friends and I fixed a week up at a cottage near Kearney in early August. There were very few of us who had moved away from our hometown and even fewer of us who had any responsibility.  One of those days up at the cottage started with a conjoined paddleboat and floating dock, anchored in the middle of a lake with a bag of beer tied to the anchor, and ended with a Huntsville parking lot dance party and a brief but pleasant conversation with the OPP.

I’ll never forget hoisting that anchor and the bags of cold Moosehead out of the dark, frigid, deep waters of Hassard Lake and worrying about nothing save for how high the sun was in the sky. To this day people poke fun at me for loving Moosehead but I just smile and shake my head. I can’t explain those years where we truly savoured every summer day and I won’t apologize for it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jesse Milns / blogTO

One thought on “The best beer I’ve ever had: Jay Meyers

  1. My best and favourite beer at home is Creemore Spring. I am so pleased they didn’t muck around with it when Molson Coors purchased the brewery. A great Canadian artisan beer which has become mainstream.

    My over-riding memory of a good beer was at the Shepherd’s Crook in Georgetown. My wife and sister in law were having their hair done and I escaped for a pint and something to eat. I noticed they did Fuller’s ESB, which a great real ale that I have served when I owned an Inn in the UK. The pint was out in front of me and I was mesmerised, it was light caramel and so bright and sparkling! I mean ‘bright’ in the beer sense, correctly looked after, clean beer pipes, served at the right temperature. I took a sip and it was as good as it looked. I set it down and admired it again. After another sip, was desperately looking for someone to tell how good it was! I gave the barman my business card and he got the owner, and I complimented him on the beer and how he cellared it.

    Just a superb beer, well kept and well presented. A very memorable experience that is a clear today as it was 5 or 6 years ago 🙂

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