Contest: Win two tickets to the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival


UPDATE: Contest closed. Thanks everyone for your interest in this contest, but I’ve chosen a winning entry. Congratulations to Vanessa Neshevich for the following  winning beer and food pairing suggestion. She lost points for excessive exclamation marks, but made up for it by quoting Homer Simpson:

Tallboy’s Koreatown burger (kimchee, bacon, cucumber and green onion mayo AUGH!!!!!!!!) paired with a King Vienna Lager to go with the creamy mayo and delicious kimchee flavours!

“I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.”
-Homer Simpson-“

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival.

Now in its third year, the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival is organized by Steam Whistle and its laid back vibe, grassy setting, and the ability to attend both days for the cost of one ticket has had at least one local beer writer speculating publicly that it might be one of Toronto’s best craft beer festivals.

As is sometimes the case, beer festivals can become less and less appealing as they get older and grow increasingly corporate-minded, but it looks to me that this one, with its focus on Ontario craft beers and local food trucks, is determined to remain true to what makes a good beer festival, in my opinion.

That’s why I’m happy to offer up two free tickets to the festival to one lucky reader of Ben’s Beer Blog.

In keeping with my theme this month of celebrating the relationship between food and beer, I want you to tell me what food and beer pairing available at the festival you’re most looking forward to and why. Pick a beer that’s being poured and a dish that’s being served and tell me in the comments below why you just can’t wait to cram them both in your suckhole.

On Monday July 28th the contest closes and I’ll pick the best/most entertaining entry to receive two free tickets. Preference may or may not be given to people who spread word of this contest via twitter.

Photo credit: Jesse Milns

17 thoughts on “Contest: Win two tickets to the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival

  1. I could go for some Bombero’s Nachos and an Oast House Saison right now — a little bit of spice in my beer and my food, and a great way to taste Niagara in downtown Toronto.

  2. Missed this event last year, but gotta get there this year. Mostly out of curiosity for the non-pilsner offerings from Steamwhistle that will likely be there. Hoping the Roundhouse Rye makes a return as it is “one thing” that would go down “really really well” with a big Lumberjack of a sandwich from Gorilla Cheese.

  3. I’m hoping for some Big Rig Red with with some Fidel Gastro Pad Thai fries. Beyond the excitement over finally getting at some Big Rig in Toronto, the fries will have enough flavour to make its way through a day of sampling and the sweetness in the red should help

  4. Left Field’s Saison paired with Boreal Gelato. The citrusy tang of the Saison will complement the ice-cold sweetness of gelato. Plus, you could make a beer float! Or not, whatever, I don’t need your approval.

  5. All hail to the Lumberjack!
    Other than flap jacks drowned in Mother Nature’s titjuice, what else would a true Gordie Levesque pair?
    Gorilla Cheese’s Lumberjack providing the smokey bacon and maple syrup of a true Canuck meal, with the green apple slices melding with the tried and true Great Lakes hop profile.

    Call me Crazy if you dare but I’m sure there will be more than enough bushman beards in attendance, to recreate the new label in person.

  6. Going to cram my suckhole with some delicious Left Field Eephus paired with Bombero’s Fire Brigade nacho poutine with pulled pork. They are made for each other.

  7. Well, it’ shard to pick just one beer but I’m excited for Publican and Big Rig since you can’t get their stuff here much, but also looking forward to seasonals from Great Lakes, Neustadt, Black Oak, Railway City and Left Field… Niagara College to some great things too. Basically I want to try everything that I can’t get from a store.
    As for food, Dobro Jesti sounds like the perfect food for a day of sampling. I love me some fresh schnitzel.

    I’m thirsty and hungry thinking about it. And I would totally tweet if I was on that sort of thing…
    Hooray for drinking quality beer!

  8. Tallboy’s Koreatown burger (kimchee, bacon, cucumber and green onion mayo AUGH!!!!!!!!) paired with a King Vienna Lager to go with the creamy mayo and delicious kimchee flavours!

    “I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.”
    -Homer Simpson-

  9. King Vienna Lager with Dr. J’s BBQ, the subtle sweetness of the beer will pair well with a barbecue sauce, and seeing as I’m vain it makes perfect sense that I would choose a food based on my first initial.

  10. Just one….?


    My suck hole is going to be set on full garbarator mode in which I plan on drinking and eating myself into a coma. But if one was only an option, I’d of course pick an unfiltered steam whistle to wash down The El Gordo Queso made by Gorilla Cheese. Spicy spicy! Make that 2 steamers! Booooyeah!

  11. Muskoka Brewery Detour and a Webers burger (we always make the detour on the way up to the cottage for a burger)

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