The Friday Link Roundup 09.26.14

UntitledThe Friday Link Roundup is a semi-regular feature wherein Ben’s Beer Blog lazily points you to other beery things worth reading on the interwebs this week.

Mergers On brewing industry mergers and the vaguely scary future of global beer consolidation via The New York Times
Evil Twin Brewery’s Jeppe Jarnit-Bjegsø has a dispatch from Mexico for Vice to explain why craft beer there is exploding. 
beer tree For anyone who’s spouse won’t let them homebrew because of the ugly jugs, this might be the world’s most visually interesting homebrew kit. 
Draft Magazine introduces us to Wild Run Brewing, a craft brewery making good beer in an RV park‘s former game room.
Australia’s favourite hangover cure is coming to America via Bloomberg
The Atlantic has a surprisingly interesting (and lengthy) look at the history of the shaker glass.

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