Evil Twin Brewing coming to Toronto bars

Evil Twin Beers

Keep6Imports, the small, Toronto-based beer import company responsible for bringing brands like Trou du Diable, Dieu du Ciel! and Howe Sound Brewing into Ontario, announced tonight via their instagram account that they would be adding another famed brewer to their lineup of imports: Brooklyn-based contract brewery, Evil Twin Brewing.

But don’t get too excited if you live somewhere outside of Toronto. Tomas Morana, proprietor of Keep6Imports, tells me that they only brought in a very small amount of Evil Twin beers so it has all been allocated to bars and restaurants–and while Morana and Co. are happy to sell to any licensee that wants to come pick up the beer in Toronto, for now Evil Twin will only be available at spots in the Centre of the Universe.

The Toronto bars slated to add some or all of these beers to their menus later this week are
  • Pamenar,
  • Linewood,
  • Bar Volo,
  • Archive,
  • WVRST,
  • Wise Bar,
  • Dandilion,
  • La Pallete,
  • Bar Isabel,
  • Thirsty and Miserable,
  • The Communist’s Daughter,
  • Black Hoof,
  • Skin & Bones,
  • Folly Brewpub,
  • Elm Tree Restaurant,
  • Momofuku,
  • Bar Fancy,
  • Grey Tiger,
  • both Bar Hops, and
  • Porchetta & Co.

I asked Morana if this first shipment of Evil Twin might lead to an eventual LCBO listing, but he told me he isn’t sure yet.

Presumably, the inherent hassles of selling in Ontario don’t make it worth Evil Twin’s time to pursue retail yet. When brewers outside Ontario often need to pay to change their packaging in order to sell here and, thanks to our wacky rules, don’t actually get paid until 90 days after their product arrives in LCBO warehouses, the costs of selling here can often outweigh the benefits.

“I’m gonna try and see if it works out,” Morana told me about the prospect of LCBO listings. Hopefully continued shipments of Evil Twin brews to bars will sell well enough that retail becomes feasible and we can drink this beer the way all beer was meant to be enjoyed: alone, in a quiet dark room after our child goes to bed. Am I right? No…?


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