Haiku reviews: Sawdust City’s Limberlost Farmhouse Ale

Haiku reviews is a new feature wherein I invoke the brief and impressionistic style of poetry to devote exactly 17 syllables to reviewing a beer.


Sawdust City’s Limberlost Farmhouse Ale
barrel-aged gold smell
dry, yeasty, spice-forest vibes
deep, pure, musty lakes

What they have to say: “Named for the local Muskokan forest where our brew team captured the unique wild yeast strain we used to ferment this natural beauty, Limberlost farmhouse ale will be hitting our shelves Thursday, April 28th. Stay tuned for more of the story of our most original brew to date!”

Where you can get it: Limberlost will be available at the Sawdust City retail store in Gravenhurst and on tap in select bars and restaurants.

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2 thoughts on “Haiku reviews: Sawdust City’s Limberlost Farmhouse Ale

  1. Thanks Ben
    Gentle addendum.
    This is a “can conditioned” release only. Will be available in 473ml cans in select bars and restaurants around the province. Only tap will be at the brewery.

    1. Thanks Sean. Guess I’ll consider myself lucky to have had an opportunity to have a few Limberlosts on tap at Pub Milos here in London for the Sawdust tap takeover earlier this month.

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