Haiku reviews: Waterloo Brewing Co’s Sour Weisse

Haiku reviews is a feature wherein I invoke the brief and impressionistic style of poetry to devote exactly 17 syllables to reviewing a beer.

Waterloo Brewing Co’s Sour Weisse

Post summer-bike-ride,
Weird neighbour offers lem’nade.
Refreshed; you feel strange.

What they have to say: “A sour, tart, fruity, and highly effervescent wheat ale with no residual sweetness. It’s lower in alcohol at just 4%, making it the perfect summer quaff. Best served in a wide-rimmed chalice to allow the ale to foam, and take in its frothy nose.”

Part of Waterloo’s new Brewmeister Series of small-batch brews “crafted for the informal beer drinker” (?) this beer is exclusive to the Kitchener-Waterloo and Waterloo’s own retail store for a limited time.

Want to send me a beer for the haiku review treatment? Drop me a line.

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