New Ontario brewery press release

With so many new breweries opening in Ontario these days, and given how busy these fledgling small business owners can get in the run-up to actually opening their doors, I thought I’d help out and create a press release template these brewers might use to announce their arrival. 


Insert Name Brewing Co. is proud to announce we are now brewing beer at our newly renovated facility at (address) and we are open for tastings.

Founded by long time friends (your names), Insert Name Brewing Co. is the culmination of our shared dream to one day make our own beer and share it with the world.

“We’re all (circle one: bored engineers / on the same hockey team / very new home brewers) and one day over a few beers we hatched an idea,” says (name of most coherent co-founder), “and Insert Name Brewing Co. was born.”

With an intimate taproom, our new space in historic (gentrified nickname for your neighbourhood) offers a great space to stop in for a pint or two or take some beer home.

We will offer beer to go in 500 mL bottles, as well as 64 oz growlers and (invent stupid name for 32oz bottles).

“We are very excited to be part of YourTown’s growing craft beer scene,” says (coherent founder).

Our first beer, (Punny Adjective, Noun), is a (circle one: Malt Forward Sessionable Pale Ale / Approachable Blonde Ale) that is currently being brewed at Wellington Brewery in Guelph and will be available in tall cans at the LCBO. It’s a beer that is equally suited to enjoying with (recreational activity) as it is to pairing with (literally any food) on the barbecue.

Additionally, Insert Name Brewing Co. will offer small-batch rotating one offs brewed onsite, the first of which includes a (circle four: farmhouse saison / witbier / belgian tripel / schwartzbier / rauchbier / gueuze / imperial IPA).

To mark the occasion of our opening, we are hosting a party at (time, upcoming date on weekday afternoon). We would love to invite you to a media exclusive preview our beers before the event at (time 15 minutes before actual event).

For more information, please contact (woefully underpaid relative or spouse of co-founder who is doing all marketing, communications, design, retail sales, and social media).

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