Exciting partnership opportunity

Ben’s Beer Blog is very excited to announce a unique partnership opportunity.

Today, for the first time ever, I am offering Ontario craft brewers a way to introduce their brands to a whole new audience of my direct acquaintances as well as connect with some of the province’s top-level influencers. 

Yes, I have put a small fridge in my garage and I am seeking breweries interested in helping me fill it. 

Referred to locally as Bobo’s, my garage has already become something of a hot spot in North London and has hosted many local influencers. I am seeking a partnership that can help a local brewer expose their brand to a growing number of London, Ontario beer drinkers that includes marketing and communications professionals, commercial real estate developers, academics, and my neighbour Andy.

In addition to serving your beer, Ben’s Beer Blog would love to promote your Bobo’s-Available Brand(s) via a slew of well-followed social media channels by occasionally featuring your beer in Facebook posts, instagram pictures, and tweets wherein I would disclose that I was provided the beer for the express purpose of creating such posts.* #freeshit

While Bobo’s does not yet offer draught options, there are plans to put in two exclusive tap lines during renovations next summer. Accordingly, establishing a mutually-beneficial arrangement to keep my new garage fridge stocked with bottles and cans this summer would go a long way toward building a relationship that might evolve into including exclusive draughts rights in the coming summer. 

Bobo’s is also open to hosting tastings, displaying branded signage, or accepting patio furniture for the small cement pad in front of my garage. 

Essentially, we are 100% committed to helping your business, provided that help does not in any way include actually paying you a fair price for the product you work hard to make and sell. 

If you are interested, please email me at btjohnson81@gmail.com. Sorry, no fucking Ontario pale ales.**

This all sounds pretty fucking stupid, doesn’t it? Then why is it OK when restaurants and bars do it?
*I’m actually serious. I will do this. 
**I’m really, really serious about this part. 

4 thoughts on “Exciting partnership opportunity

  1. Reminds me of the email that an ‘Influencer’ wrote to a hotel saying all the wonderful exposure the hotel would get for providing a free room and food for her and her boyfriend who really needed a weekend away. The reply was priceless.

    Also the people that ask for software licence keys on open forums. I tell them to go down to Walmart and just steal the software off the shelf and see how they get on.

    What is it people wanted stuff for free for doing nothing in return except talking about it. 😂

    Great article. Look forward to visiting your garage for free beer. 😉

  2. What, you are putting in those draught lines one your own dime? Think of the opportunities if you were to allow someone the privilege of putting them in and paying for them for you.

  3. I’ll make you a deal, Ben. I will fill your small garage fridge, and I will also pay for the install of your 2 draught lines. The only condition is that you MUST take on our Ontario pale ales exclusively on your draught lines. The fridge can be rotational in whatever capacity you see fit.

  4. Sounds like a solid marketing plan. Give all your beer away to ‘influencers’ and watch the money roll in. I think thats called symbiosis, or is it parasitism? I can never remember.
    Great post. Just curious what you’ve got against the pale ales? Wha’d they ever do to you?

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