Middle of the (Ramblin’) Road

Ramblin' Road

There’s something downright folksy about new Norfolk brewery Ramblin’ Road. What with their “off the beaten path” style, the dropped ‘G’ in their name, the proud claims to being Ontario’s first Brewery Farm, it seems like it’s a company of simple folks who just opted to start making beer on their farm–I half expected the sample beers they offered to send me to arrive in a cart being pulled by a donkey.

The truth, of course, is that it is largely schtick. Sure, the brewery is located on a farm and sure the founders have a history in farming, but the reality is perhaps slightly less romantic than the down home image they seem to be putting out there. Ramblin’ Road brewery is actually a brewing venture by Picard Foods, a company that has for the last 20+ years farmed, processed, and distributed peanuts. In fact, you’ve probably eaten some of their snack foods. Ramblin’ Road came about when Picard opted to get into the brewing business and received a $1.2 million low-interest loan from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario in order to purchase brewing equipment. The name, labeling, and folksy attitude (and the slick website and social media campaign to get it out there) are actually the product of Blade Creative, a Toronto-based branding and advertising company that has been “building brand communities since 1991.” Blade Creative are also the folks who were nice enough to make sure Ramblin’ Roads beers got into my hands–by courier, incidentally, not donkey.  Continue reading “Middle of the (Ramblin’) Road”