One thought on “Bellwoods Brewery V. Cowbell Brewery round two, or weird vibes and cycling jerseys in Blyth

  1. Cowbell did a one month promotion at the Domestic (travel in Canada) Business Class Lounge at Toronto Pearson, put on and sponsored by American Express. The travel in high circles does Cowbell. It was a handy promotion for a manager that likes a beer and knew the fridge where they were stored. :>D

    Your tales reminds me of a visit to Creemore Spring a few years back. We had visited when it was an independently owned craft brewery where I knew the head brew master Robert (employee 001) and then years later after Molson had swallowed it and increased the building ten-fold. We were in the bar area waiting for the tour and found we were surrounded by about 60 old folks, and after chatting we found it was the Creemore Seniors club.

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