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Your Roadmap to Craft Beer in Toronto


There’s probably nothing more frustrating than being out in the city, suddenly struck with a powerful thirst and you find yourself surrounded by nothing but franchise bars pouring macro-lagers.

It’s these rage-inducing times–when servers offer up Blue when you ask for something local–that led me to create this, a Roadmap to Craft Beer in Toronto.

It’s just a custom Google map (so you may find it easier to navigate through Google as opposed to in this embedded map), but I endeavoured to include the finest bars offering up craft beer in the city, as well as local breweries, and Toronto-area LCBOs so that you’ll always be able to find the closest craft beer.

May you never be forced to drink a Stella again!

This should probably be an iphone app or something (if it isn’t already) but I don’t have the technical know-how or patience for that (I drink a lot). If you’re an app developer, please feel free to steal this idea so that I may a) use it and then b) sue you.

Got a great beer bar that I missed? Let me know about it in the comments section.

Author: Ben

5 thoughts on “Your Roadmap to Craft Beer in Toronto

  1. You Forgot THE CEILI COTTAGE At 1301 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario,


  2. I’m bad with maps but I’m pretty sure you missed Bryden’s near Bloor and Jane. Awesome idea!

  3. Both good calls. Added! Cheers Mark and Phoebe.

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  5. I noticed a couple that were missing as well:
    The Wren @ 1382 Danforth – 12 taps with rotating Ontario Craft
    Get Well @ 1181 Dundas St W. – Nanobrewery!

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