Mill Street beer is now available at the Rogers Centre

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Following the news that the company had been purchased last week by Labatt, Mill Street announced last night via twitter that their beer would now be available to purchase at the Rogers Centre.

Given that Mill Street is now technically owned by the largest beer company in the world, AB InBev, this isn’t really the “craft-beer-at-ball-games” news that many Toronto baseball fans have been hoping for ever since Steam Whistle was unceremoniously given the boot last March; however, it does mean that there is a finally a “Toronto brewery’s” beer for sale at The Rogers Centre.


According to Mill Street, sales began at last night’s ALCS game between the Blue Jays and the Royals and fans will be able to drink (and then throw at babies) tall cans of both their Organic Lager and 100th Meridian Amber Lager in the 100 and 500 levels. Presumably this arrangement will extend into next season and beyond, and, one imagines at other Rogers Centre events.

For me, this is a bit like kissing your sister.

I’ve long been vocal about how shitty it is that Toronto has the only ball park in Major League Baseball where you can’t get a local craft beer. Now, of course, we’ve got beer made down the road at the Distillery District (and yes, in Scarborough), but it’s only because that beer now falls under the portfolio of the Evil Belgian-Brazilian Empire of Beer to whom Rogers and the Jays have obviously long ago sold their souls.

In a league where every team has some independent craft offerings and even goddamn Coors Field has almost a dozen legitimate craft offerings, it’s pretty typically Ontarian that we feel the need to rejoice that we now have one “craftish” option. Sigh.

But hey, a Mill Street beer at the ball game is still better than a Bud Light, right?


One thought on “Mill Street beer is now available at the Rogers Centre

  1. But they had an Ontario craft beer there all season, and one that wasn’t owned by ABInBev to boot – Hockley Dark! I made a point to drink that exclusively when I was at the Dome, even walking halfway around the place to find a can.

    As long as it’s still there in 2016, that’s what I’ll stick to. An ABInBev-owned Toronto-based craft beer is still an ABInBev-owned beer, and I won’t touch it.

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