Haiku reviews: Wanderoot Craft Cider

Haiku reviews is a feature wherein I invoke the brief and impressionistic style of poetry to devote exactly 17 syllables to reviewing a beer.


Wanderoot Craft Cider
threatening, bees circle
over-ripe fallen apples
smooshing underfoot

What they have to say: “We take our time crafting this great-tasting cider—so you can take your time savouring its full, complex flavours. Classic Apple offers plenty of freshly peeled apple skin off the top, with bright, ripe apple notes in the background. The full fruit flavour is complemented by a pleasant crispness that creates the perfect balance of sweet and dry, mellow and tart. The natural carbonation clears the palate and gets you ready for the next sip on your journey. The result is a lively, refreshing cider—one that’s full of flavour and far from ordinary.”

Where you can get it: Available in select markets.

Want to send me a beer for the haiku review treatment? Drop me a line.

One thought on “Haiku reviews: Wanderoot Craft Cider

  1. Your haiku is spot on.

    My gf who’s always up for trying new ciders fell victim to the M*lson’s advertising wizards, it’s certainly more crafty than craft.

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