An honest public relations invitation

to: undisclosed recipients
date:Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 10:58 PM
subject: Exclusive sneak peak

Hi food and/or drink blogger!

I have never read your blog before, and in fact had never even heard of you before today, but I’d like to mention your website by name here in my opening so that it seems like I am a reader of yours and not a public relations intern contacting you with an unsolicited invite to a marketing expense disguised as an event.  I especially liked that one recent post of yours on that thing you wrote about.

I’m reaching out today because I Googled a few keywords relevant to the food and drink industry in this geographical region and, as a blogger with a tangential relationship to the restaurant I’m representing, you and the 50 other internet-based media types I will be contacting today will probably be very interested to learn about the the event for which I’ve been tasked with generating buzz.

The event will bring together a food product company and an alcohol product company who, in addition to both being clients of this PR firm, share a unique vision for cross-promotion. On behalf of our two clients, we’ve put together an excting event that is virtually exactly the same as many other events you’ve been invited to recently and offers you a unique opportunity to socialize with the same seven bloggers that were at the last thing you went to.

Taking place in the late afternoon on a weekday, this event is strategically timed so that you are less likely to take up space that might be occupied by actual paying customers and we are excited to offer you very small portions of free food and drink so that you can dutifully instagram them or post pictures of them on your blog. #DontForgetOurHashtag

After the official event, which features a rare opportunity to speak with the company’s principal asset chef and/or drinkmaker who is literally normally available to anyone who could be troubled to email, call, or tweet, we welcome you to stick around for the remainder of the night. Please continue to dine on us but enjoy increasingly infrequent service designed to make you feel awkward in hopes that you might leave as normal people begin to filter in.

Please let me know if you can make it! I really hope to see you there so we can meet in person and make extremely awkward conversation because, aside from this email vaguely related to your field and mine, we have literally nothing in common.

We’d love if you could RSVP, but if I don’t hear from you in two days, I will send a follow up email template with a friendly and conversational tone.


A Young White Female
Edgy Concepts PR

PS – Don’t bother looking for the address of the venue in this email. I did not include it.

5 thoughts on “An honest public relations invitation

  1. I rarely laugh out loud when I read but,

    “…and offers you a unique opportunity to socialize with the same seven bloggers that were at the last thing you went to.”

    literally just landed a 3:30 AM scream of delight that echoed off the walls.

    I hope my neighbours window was open.
    Wide open.


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