There is no beer for Valentine’s Day


There is no “appropriate” beer for today.

In fact, you don’t have to shoehorn beer into every occasion and you don’t need to make beer relevant to whatever holiday/event/celebration might be occurring on any given day.

Perhaps today, on Valentine’s Day, that’s all the more clear.

Sorry, but beer and Valentine’s day don’t really go together; as much as a large swath of marketing people, beer writers, editors, brewers, etc. might want you to believe it.

Beer isn’t really romantic.

Beer is comforting, yes. Beer is delicious, obviously. Sharing a beer with a loved one can be a great experience. But beer sexy? No. Sorry, it’s just not. 

Indulge me in an exercise: Picture a couple snuggled together, maybe on a bear skin rug, maybe in front of a fire, maybe even in various stages of undress. Hot right? (unless you’re in PETA) Now picture them both holding frothy steins of chocolate stout.

*fart noise*

Not romantic.

Don’t get me wrong, beer is fucking awesome and there are few things I’d want to receive as a gift more than a thoughtfully chosen specialty beer or two (or six)–but there are no “Valentine’s Day beers.” So stop trying to make it happen.

There isn’t a beer that will be the perfect accompaniment to your romantic evening.

And that’s OK.

Enjoy your day. Have a nice dinner. Have a nice date. Have a shag. Spend the day alone if that’s your prerogative.  And, if at any point during these proceedings, you have the urge to drink a beer, have whatever fucking beer you want.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

4 thoughts on “There is no beer for Valentine’s Day

  1. Dude, I couldn’t agree more. I try to shy away from the typical holiday pandering. Yes, I have a product and a company to promote, but you know what…I’m not going to sloganeer the fuck out of you. There’s no need to create a false connection between our beer and some silly holiday.

  2. I agree with Mike above in that I don’t think Valentine’s Day beer should be peddled for the sake of sales… I do however, disagree that beer can’t be used on a romantic occasion. If you’re camping under the stars, a sweet and strong barleywine could be just the ticket. For the less rugged types, lambics and brut beers can make for an excellent night. I myself have brewed a tripel that was light and fruity that I have saved several bottles aging for the purpose of a special, romantic occasion. Like art, food and beverages are a matter of taste, so why can’t beer be romantic to some?

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