#SummerWeiss or “The one where I shill for Muskoka Brewery but I don’t feel bad about it”


I think it’s pretty clear by now that Muskoka Brewery is kicking ass. They’ve stepped up their game immensely since the days of “Muskoka Cottage Brewing,” Mad Tom has redefined gateway beers and has found a semi-permanent home in the fridges of casual beer drinkers and craft nerds alike, and they continue to churn out high quality seasonals. As a result, they’ve become one of Canada’s fastest growing breweries.

Also, if you’re into that sort of thing, Muskoka Brewery clearly has good marketing.

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High Octane Local Beers to Fight the Mid-Autumn Chill

With this bloody cold nip in the air, but still a couple months before the official start of Winter, we’ve entered a nasty, windy, often wet part of the year frequently devoid of sunshine, but without any of the charms that snow can bring.

Accordingly, it’s a time of year that’s best suited to a certain kind of beer with a hearty dose of that most comforting autumn ingredient–and I’m not talking about pumpkin.

No. I’m talking about my old friend alcohol. It’s cold and rainy out and it’s a time for comforting oneself with strong drink. So in the spirit of this drab season, here are some potent local offerings that just might serve as a welcome port in the storm.

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Muskoka Brewery’s Hidden Kitchen

Whoever said that you can have too much of a good thing probably wasn’t talking about beer and meat.

Because honestly, last night, at Muskoka Brewery‘s second Hidden Kitchen event held at goed eten, I had absolutely no qualms indulging in obscene quantities of Mad Tom IPA and what can only accurately be described as a shit-ton of barbecued meat.

The event is part of a new series of exclusive foodie evenings capitalizing on the city’s pop-up kitchen trend and is backed by Muskoka Brewery for “the people who are as passionate about food as [they] are about beer.”

Hosting the events is food-scene veteran Ivy Knight, writer for The Toronto Star, Food & Drink, Toronto Life, and The Globe and Mail among others, and editor and co-founder of the fedgling foodie website, Swallow Food.

Food for the Hidden Kitchen events is prepared by buzz-worthy chef Matt Kantor who has a made a name for himself in the city’s culinary scene by forgoing a traditional kitchen in favour of a transient attitude toward cuisine and a savvy approach to social media, perhaps most notably evidenced by his renowned Secret Pickle Supper Club.

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