Contest: Calling all gentlemen

I say, which way to the donkey show, lad?

Do you consider yourself a gentleman?

If so, I’ve got some news for you. On November 22nd, a show is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre just for you. Indeed, it’s The Gentlemen’s Expo, designed, so their website says, for those men who’ve “ever wondered what the difference between scotch and bourbon is, how to grill a perfect steak, change your own oil, fix a leaky faucet,  start a business, or put together an outfit without asking your wife/girlfriend/mom.”

Well if that sounds like you, I’ve got three important things to tell you:

1) If you don’t know the difference between bourbon and scotch, you need to turn off the computer and go make some serious changes in your life right now,
2) The slashes in “wife/girlfriend/mom” above are meant to stand in for the word “or.” If you have a person who is all of those things to you, you also need to turn off the computer and make some changes in your life right now, and finally,
3) I want to send you to the Expo, for free!

That’s right. In an exciting cross-promotional turn of events, The Gentlemen’s Expo has provided a pair of passes to the entire weekend show to give away to a lucky reader of Ben’s Beer Blog–because I’m a fucking gentleman, clearly.

*rips of Kid Rock shirt, pumps fists in the air while making fart noises*

The Expo, running November 22nd to November 24th, seeks to serve the vastly “underserved demographic of modern urban men (won’t someone do something for US?! EVER?!) who don’t connect in a meaningful way with the existing market offerings.” So they presumably brought a bunch of relevant market offerings to one place so you can connect with it.

And connect with it you might.

The things you can connect with include a bunch of dude-centric stuff, including:

  • speakers like W. Brett Wilson, UFC lightweight champion Jon Jones (because gentlemen), HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler, Alan Cross, Chuck Hughes, and more.
  • 10 pavilions, dealing with specific areas of interest ranging from cars to tech to travelling to home improvement to styling and booze.
  • Yes, I said booze. You’ll get six complimentary samples of spirits and beer.
  • Other stuff.

Gentlemen's Expo

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

If you want a chance to attend The Gentlemen’s Expo courtesy of Ben’s Beer Blog, here’s what you need to do: leave a brief comment below explaining what you think makes a true gentleman.

That’s it.

As with previous contests held here, a winner will be chosen out of a hat at random by me, but every entry that succeeds at making me laugh will be entered into the hat twice.

Contest closes November 8th so get commenting, and tell your friends (it’s the gentlemanly thing to do).

*In case it’s not clear, you don’t need to be a man to attend the expo, nor is a penis and the inevitability of prostate cancer a prerequisite to enter this contest. 

**Make sure your comment clearly outlines qualities that make someone a gentleman and not a dandy, a beau, or a gallant. That would just be embarrassing.

18 thoughts on “Contest: Calling all gentlemen

  1. A true gentleman is up for a fair and sporting challenge especially when his honour (and the honour of all gentlemen) is at stake.

  2. I believe it was William Blake who said it best “the key to being a gentleman, is not being a dick, and while not absolutely crucial having majestic facial hair will only enhance said gentlemanliness”. It’s true, Google that shit.

  3. A gentleman is a man who is able to retain his poise, clarity, and courtesy under any circumstances while keeping his focus on the well being and satisfaction of others.

  4. A True Gentleman wears a top hat and has mustache
    Acts fairly in all manners while still being polite with air of refineness around him and with honor

  5. A true gentleman thinks before he speaks, puts others ahead of himself, and behaves doesn’t act. He doesn’t concern himself with trivial things like whether or not his drink is ‘manly’ enough. He is comfortable in his own skin and does not compete with his peers for attention because he has self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. He is a true gentleman.

  6. A true gentleman doesn’t need to know the difference between a metrosexual and an urban modern male. If there is a difference, maybe I’ll learn about it at the show.

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